Most parents, know that giving a present with baby gifts will be a great way to show their appreciation. In today’s modern world, gifting babies presents is a widely accepted practice. Even if you cannot afford to purchase expensive gifts for your newborn, it is still fine to give practical things that he or she can use from day today. You can never go wrong with practical baby gifts such as cuddly teddy bears, rattles, and pacifiers. Persnickety baby gifts are always great.

Importance of Personalized Baby gifts

A lot of parents make the mistake of not considering an appropriate baby gift. That is why most first-time parents have a hard time choosing the right one. However, buying a unique baby gift is not easy at all. It is because there are a lot of stores these days that specialize in selling different baby items, but unfortunately, not all of them can offer parents great presents that they will surely appreciate.

Persnickety gifts do not only come in inexpensive but also personalized options. The trend in personalized baby presents gained its popularity since many couples realized the power of personalized presents for their children. Although it takes more time and effort to personalize a gift, it is still considered one of the best options to choose. Parents nowadays prefer personalized gifts as it can be more useful than just any ordinary gift. Personalization can make the gift look more attractive and more memorable.

List of Best Personalized baby gifts

Personalized pacifier

One good example of personalized baby gifts is the personalized pacifier. A lot of parents are purchasing this product because it is very practical and hygienic. Unlike other pacifiers that are just used to calm babies when they become quite sleepy, this particular type of pacifier is used to soothe infants even when they are tired and irritable. The unique feature of this pacifier is that it has a Persnickety Sound clip to wake babies up. This clip also prevents babies from swallowing air when they suck on the pacifier, preventing bad breath.

Piggy bank

Another unique gift in personalized baby gifts is the piggy bank. With this present, you can put anything you want, which makes it more appealing than any other gift option. To add some more style, this gift can also come with a piggy bank shaped like a bottle. The parents can place any present inside the piggy bank, making it very thoughtful and unique.

The piggy bank is not the only present in personalized baby gifts that you can get to give to your babies. You can also get them a photo blanket. A baby photo blanket is a perfect present for a baby shower because it allows the parents to see their babies as soon as they were born. This blanket can really give the parents deep pleasure.

Customized baby photos

Aside from the gifts mentioned above, you can also use baby photos to create a collage. Baby photos are easily obtainable, although expensive. If you cannot afford to purchase an album, you can just take pictures of your baby from different angles and use your digital camera to make a collage. By using baby photos and other memorable images, you can create a unique gift that the parents will surely enjoy.

It can be a little difficult to decide what to get for a baby, but, there are so many options available, so basically the sky is your limit. 

List of Top 12 Personalized Baby Gift Ideas:

  1. Soft Toys
  2. Baby Neck Pillows
  3. Teether Toys
  4. Pacifiers
  5. Baby Carrier
  6. Gift Baskets
  7. Personalized Mugs
  8. Baby Books
  9. Building Blocks Toys
  10. Burp cloths
  11. Crib
  12. Rocking chair

Other Baby Gifts Ideas

1: Walker: A 8month baby is all set for trying first steps.
2: A photoshoot package from a good photographer
3: Voip Baby Monitoring Camera: If in case both parents are working then this can be a very handy tool.


Giving personalized baby gifts is a great way to show how much you appreciate the parents’ choice. When you present something this special to the parents, they would definitely be happy to receive it. There are plenty of options to choose from when shopping for a unique present. You can shop online for more ideas, or go to your local mall. Whichever option you choose, you can be sure that the presents you will get are well-thought and truly appropriate for a baby.