Neck Relax has proven to reduce and even get rid of a large portion of neck pain successfully without any side effects. It also helps with pinched nerve and herniated discs as well as other related problems. Neck Relax by Day Trader has become the number one choice of people who have purchased the product and are thoroughly satisfied with the results. This is one of those unique neck relaxers that do not contain alcohol in its formula. In fact, all the ingredients used in it are natural and herbal.

I got my hands on a Massager by Day Trader after reading many reviews about them on different sites online. I really wanted to try it out to see if it would work for me. So, I decided to buy it from the local pharmacy on my way home from work. When I got it at home, I read the positive reviews about it and how excellent it was in calming and relaxing the muscles and soothing your aching neck and shoulders. It seemed to have the same effect on relieving my neck pain and stress as advertised.

How to use Neck Relax?

Using neck relax needs no special skills, it is pretty easy to use. If you’re still hesitant about how to use neck Relax, then see this quick guide.

  1. First, unbox the device and turn it on.
  2. Now it’s time to place the pads on your neck. However, you need to tie all the hair from your neck.
  3. Place that on areas you have sore such as your shoulder blades, muscles of arms and legs, lower back.
  4. Place the massager on your neck.
  5. Remember, you should relax in the right posture to achieve the maximum benefit during your massage session.
  6. Use the power button to select your setting. There you’ll see the default setting.
  7. You can control the strength of massage by using the enhance or weaken button.

How much does neck relax cost?

This product comes in the market in three different types of packages. A package of 1 Neck Relax that costs around $78.99.

Is neck Massager any good?

There is some evidence that massage therapy can help with neck and shoulder pain. A 2013 review found that massaging the neck and shoulders was more effective than waiting or false therapy, such as a fake myofascial release.

How is neck relax powered?

The electrical pulses facilitate the relaxation of all your muscles, from head to toe. It uses electronic pulse massaging, soothing magnetic therapy, ultrasound, and infrared thermal technology. So it acts very fast to relieve your muscle pain and tension.

Is Neck Relax Legit or Scam?

By analyzing many Neck Relax customer reviews it is clear that Neck Relax massaging devices are completely legit. Moreover, it’s handsome refund policy also ensures that your money won’t go in vain.

Where to Buy Neck Relax?

You can easily purchase this top-rated massaging device from Neck relax manufacturer’s official website. However, you can buy Neck relax from different online stores as well, but you should purchase it from Neck Relax website. Because, purchasing from an official website is more secure as well as it ensures you’re getting an authentic product.

All you need to know Neck Relax

I bought the massager in a discounted price but I could not resist the price and I bought it. Well, let me tell you, when I got it home, the first thing I noticed about the massager is that it was so bulky compared to other massage chairs. It was much heavier and it kept on pressing on my neck which made me sore and uncomfortable. But then again, I used the neck relax and I could not see anything because the stiffness went away immediately.

As I tried to use the neck relax, I was pleased to see that I started to feel some relief from the stiffness that I was suffering from. The massager definitely reduced my soreness and discomfort. I was able to sleep comfortably at night and wake up without feeling stiff. I was happy that I got a limited discount on the massager.

I also tried using the infrared heat. It worked for me too. When I applied the heat to my neck, I could feel some relief from the stiffness. I could feel the blood flow getting restricted and I could definitely feel the soreness going down and was thankful for the electric massager I got.

I tried the Instant Relax collar and was very surprised by the results. The Instant Relax has a built-in infrared heating system that works with your body heat. With the collar on, you can get instant relaxation. The device emits ultrasound waves into the back of your neck and body and this activates the heating system. It works by activating the heat receptors in your back and legs.

A neck and back pain sufferer, myself, tried this product and was very pleased with the results. You can read the review of the infrared heat massage chair at my website link below. I tried it and found it to be very comfortable. It relaxed me without causing any pain or discomfort.

One of the best selling devices on the market is the Neck Relaxer. It is extremely comfortable to use, it does not hurt when you first start using it, and it relieves pain and soreness. You can now get a cheaper model that works just as good as the original model. When you read the review of the device, you will understand why it is so popular. It is an excellent device that relieves pain and soreness and helps you relax.

Neck Relax Features

The main reason why the device is so popular is that it possesses many practical advantages over other similar products. The most obvious one is that it is battery operated. This makes it highly portable, allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. A lot of people travel quite a bit and being able to relax in their car whilst driving will help them to unwind. The battery powered nature also means that you do not need a chiller in order to enjoy the benefits of your Massager.

Another of the many great features of the Neck Relaxer is that it has an instant relaxation timer. This is a great feature as everyone is different. Some people require a little bit of immediate relief from pain whereas others may need it a lot quicker. With the Instant Relax timer, you are able to choose the length of time you require relief. This is one of the most useful aspects of this wonderful piece of equipment.


Overall the Neck Relaxer is a fantastic product that can provide you with many benefits. It will provide you with instant pain relief, it is lightweight, portable and it has an infrared heat technology that will greatly reduce any swelling. The benefits do not stop there either. By relaxing your body you are also able to improve your moods and reduce stress.