Technology News: The U.S space agency NASA has officially announced to fund three studies to better understand the growing problem of Space Junk, to analyze the economic, social and political issues which is associated with the space sustainability.

NASA faces orbital debris a greatest threat and challenge of our era
NASA faces orbital debris a greatest threat and challenge of our era

The Associate administrator for the (OTPS), Office of Technology, Policy, and Strategy at NASA, Ms. Bhavya Lal said that, orbital debris is one the bug challenges of our era. Maintaining our ability to use space is very critical for the economy, Nation’s science and technology, and Nation’s security.

This fund will help in research of the space debris and understand the dynamics of the orbital environment, and also how we can develop the things to limit the space debris creation and reduce the effect of existing space debris.

The Orbital Space debris, is the human made or man-made objects that orbiting the Earth, but now no longer used, some mission related objects, non-functional space crafts, satellites, abandoned rocket stages, that are moving into the space unnecessarily. NASA takes the matter seriously because orbital debris can harm space crafts, impede the development of a LEO economy.

So these fund for research about the space junk that supports to the space agency’s commitment to solve the problem. While last month, Digantara, a Bengaluru based startup, said that they are on a mission to compile data on the space debris. They are all set to send their 40 satellites that are going to study data on space junk in LEO and these 40 satellites are going to launch early next year.

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