In order to understand the debate that has been taking place about WiFi Boosters vs Repeaters vs Extenders, one needs to understand the working of these devices. WiFi is the WiFi service that is provided free of cost to most of our personal computers. Almost all the WiFi enabled devices have this service built in them. So let us take a look at what happens when one tries to connect to a WiFi without the WiFi Boosters or when one uses the old non WiFi enabled device.

Introduction to Wifi Routers

WiFi routers are what provide WiFi connectivity and they are also known as WiFi repeaters. They work on the principle of creating a link between the WiFi enabled device and the WiFi router. The WiFi repeater also acts as a connector between the WiFi enabled devices and the WiFi router. The main difference between the WiFi repeater and an actual WiFi device is that WiFi repeaters do not have their own radio station. They simply use the same frequency as the main WiFi network and broadcast their signal for everybody else to pick up. But unlike WiFi repeaters, actual WiFi devices do have their own radios and their own signals that they send and receive.

Introduction to Wifi Boosters

WiFi Boosters do not function on the same principle. Their function is to make certain that the WiFi device always have an open channel and do not suffer from any interference. This ensures that one can connect to a WiFi network even if there are other interfering WiFi devices. When one uses the WiFi Boosters, one can easily configure the software to use a particular channel for connection or to prevent interference using the repeater.

Introduction to Wifi Extenders

Ifyou are having some trouble getting a solid and reliable WiFi signal in some or any parts of your home or in garden? A WiFi repeater could be the right solution for you.
A WiFi extender also called as wifi repeater is used to enhance or extend the coverage area of your WiFi signal or network. This WIFI extender works by receiving your existing WiFi signal, amplifying it and then transmitting the boosted signal. With a WiFi extender you can effectively increase the signal coverage area of your WiFi network – reaching all corners of your home, garden or office or at different floors of your apartment and increase extend coverage.

Difference between WIFI Boosters & Wifi Repeaters

But WiFi boosting devices actually differ from WiFi repeaters in a very fundamental way. What happens here is that WiFi repeater just uses the main network configuration to create a channel where other WiFi devices can use. The WiFi Boosters on the other hand actually change the settings to allow any device to connect.

Once this is done, the device will take over the first available channel and ensure that it remains open for all clients. It is so easy to see how such a change can make life easier. One can connect to a WiFi network using a WiFi Boosting Device even if another device has been placed in another part of the house. So long as one’s laptop or smartphone is plugged into a WiFi router, one will be able to access the internet without any hitch.

This is one of the reasons why many people are choosing WiFi repeaters over WiFi Boosters. WiFi repeater simply uses the same frequency as the main wireless network and makes sure that all devices have an open channel where they can use. WiFi Boosters on the other hand use the main network’s frequency to allow only certain devices access to it. Thus ensuring that one’s device always has an open channel where all clients can connect.

Additional Services of WIFI Boosters

WiFi boosting devices also offer some additional services besides open access to the network. These services include automatic network configuration. With automatic network configuration, a device will acquire a specified SSID and automatically connect to a given network. The device may also attempt to connect to a given SSID but it will not connect until one provides the required information. If one is away from the desk, for example, the device can enter a random SSID in order to establish connection.

Such devices can also prevent interference from other computers. Thus one does not have to worry about devices connected to different computers using different radio frequencies. In fact, such devices are now available and widely used by many users.


Its quite common that people get confused when it comes to the WiFi Booster VS WiFi Extender. In fact, WiFi boosters and WiFi extenders are basically the same thing offering one common feature of improving WiFi coverage. There isn’t much of clarity defined difference between both devices that manufacturers describe as “WIFI boosters” and devices described as “ WIFI extenders”.