List of World Most Expensive Plane Tickets 2022

List of World Most Expensive Plane Tickets 2022

What is it that makes a world most expensive airline ticket so expensive? The answer is simple really; Money. Not just money, a huge amount of money. Some airline tickets in the world are sold for millions of dollars and higher. Such prices are reflective of how travelers value their air travel. They are willing to pay these high ticket prices in exchange for the convenience and comfort of a first class seat or for the opportunity to fly in some of the most exclusive and beautiful places on earth.

It may be true that one can never actually afford to be a millionaire. But there are still things that can be done to earn a little extra money. Traveling the world has been one of those experiences for many people. There is something about flying around the world that brings back pleasant memories for many people. This is why the demand for world travel has grown tremendously over the last ten years or so.

While low-cost or cost effective airlines are having huge demand, there still exists a segment for expensive plane tickets that is expensive business class tickets. We at takes a look at the 10 most expensive plane tickets for purchase in 2020.

What are the features in Most Expensive Plane Tickets?

Some of features offering by different airlines for expensive plane tickets include:

1: Private Chauffeur

2: An beautiful lounge experience

3: A private butler special for you

4: Special food with Gourmet dining onboard

5: Sleep soundly onboard on your private Queen-sized soft bed!

6. Have a Hot Bath

If you have the opportunity, it may be well worth taking that plane ticket and exploring all of the other countries that make up the world. Luxury comes with money. The Amount of money spend you get the luxury you need.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the list of top 10 most expensive flights tickets in the world. If you’d like to learn more about these expensive plane tickets, read complete article below. And if you think these are not so expensive, then you should probably start looking at chartering a private jet which takes luxury to a whole another level completely!

10) ANA First Class ticket from New York to Tokyo costs $15,000

Yes you Heard it right. This ANA flight is listed on Top 10 Most expensive plane tickets list and It’s no surprise that you’ll perfect experience and the perfect service upon any ANA flight. This 1st class ticket just takes this one step further and provides you with luxury you hoped for during your trip. Their first-class cabins definitely have plenty of privacy, and you’ll get all the luxuries you’d expect from such a high-value service andwith a price of $15,000, it’s the cheapest on our list.

9) Etihad A380 Apartments flight from New York to Abu Dhabi Costs $16,000

Next in the list is UAEs second-largest carrier Etihad flight. Etihad flight is known for complete luxury. Of course, flying on an Etihad flight A380 is even more luxurious for sure. These first-class apartments Etihad flight were the first in the whole world to take up a full single-isle. At 40 square feet, Etihad flight offer you full autonomy and the bench opens up to a bed for comfortable sleeping and relaxing on longer routes.

8) Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Flight Ticket from New York to Singapore Costs $20,000

The eighth in this list of most expensive plane tickets is Virgin Atlantic Flight ticket from New York to Singapore which costs twenty thousand dollars and it’s no surprise that Richard Branson’s company has one of the most expensive flight options in the world. Virgin Atlantic upper class cabins are stylish, with great levels of privacy and luxury, a common bar for drinking, and of course all of the amenities you’d expect from such a high luxury trip.

7) Cathay Pacific 777 1st Class flight from New York to Hong Kong costs $20,000

Then comes the Cathay Pacific 777. Cathay Pacific is known for having the best flights around the world. Tough it has remained over the years, still the luxury provided in the flights is next to none. Cathay Pacific 777 At 36 inches wide these cabins are some of the most spacious you can get and will convert into an extremely comfortable bed to sleep in during the long trips. While luxury and comfort at an all high but few passengers felt the food and dining to be of higher quality. However, on the whole it’s still a fantastic flight experience one could ever have.

6) Swiss Air First Class flight from New York to Singapore Costs $22,000 (round trip)

Not far in the list Swiss Air will always make it to the list of most expensive tickets. “Your Home Above the Clouds” is what Swiss Air refers too and is always known for. With complimentary pajamas and luxury amenities, it is perfect statement for them. The food is extremely delicious and enjoyable, even Michelin-starred, and the whole Swiss experience is amazing. Though not as spacious as other providers in the industry, Swiss does allow for more extra baggage per person.

5) Korean Air First Class flight from New York to Beijing Costs $27,000

The fifth in the list is Korean Air first class flight. Korean are known for technology and they are technologically advanced country so it’s natural that its first-class suites are as well ahead. Korean Air Officially called the Prestige Suites these cabins come with touchpad controlled everything, fully reclining seats, and 17″ inch flat-screen TVs. You can enjoy all of these in full privacy and with Mercury Award-winning food. Unfortunately, Korean Air have limited the number of flights offering this service you’ll have to choose your flight carefully if you’d like to travel with them.

4) Etihad Airways flight from San Francisco to Abu Dhabi Costs $28,000

Fourth in the list is Etihad Airways flight from San Francisco to Abu Dhabi. Etihad Airways is the second listing of Etihad on this list of most expensive plane tickets. So by now you should know that this suite will be a fantastic offering. at Ethia Airways Your suite comes with a 23-inch flat-screen TV, middle eastern menus, and super comfortable leather seats. other features include a minibar filled with goodies, but with the delicious range of items on the menu, I doubt “do you need to say more?”

3) Emirates 1st Class flight from Los Angeles to Dubai Costs $30,000

Emirates probably won’t be far behind in the list of most expensive flight tickets. Emirates 1st Class flight ticket from Los Angeles to Dubai Costs you $30,000 and when you paying such huge amount and you can expect the amount of luxury coming with that price. Definitely at emirates you’re going to gest best of the best service with them during the trip. You will have fully partitioned private suites, there’s a communal “living room” with a bar, minibars, vanity tables and even spa facilities. probably after the trip this is about the most enjoyable and luxurious time you can get on one of the longest flights in the world.

2) Lufthansa 1st Class from New York to Hong Kong Costs $43,00

The second in the list is Lufthansa flight. unlike European they provide some of the best ways to travel the world. Like with many of the services on this list of Lufthansa , the experience starts long before you board your flight. Lufthansa will provide to a brand new Porsche to take you to the exclusive lounge from your hotel if asked and food is Michelin starred other luxury features include fantastic wine on offer, amenity kits that include everything par the kitchen sink and you will get never before an experience.

1) Etihad Airways Residence from New York to Abu Dhabi Costs $64,000

The Most expensive plane ticket in the list goes to Etihad Airways Residence. Etihad appears multiple times on this list which isn’t surprising as the carrier is know for luxury as it’s the flag carrier for the UAE. As the name suggest the Residence name is fully justified as you get a three-room apartment composed of a bedroom, a beautiful lounge, and a bathroom with a shower. If that’s not enough, you get all of the perks and bonus amenities that you’ve read about above like personal butler to cater. A one-way ticket will cost $64,000 on the Airbus A380 and two persons can travel with a single ticket that’s a bonus for you right.


So there you have it, that’s the most expensive flights in the world! I’d love to know what the most expensive or interesting flight you’ve taken is so let me know in the comments and I’ll try and reply in a timely manner.

When booking plane tickets, it is always important to make sure you read all of the terms and conditions associated with the flight. It is also important to carefully read over the fine print before committing to your travel. Be aware of any taxes, fees, or charges that could cause you to be much more paying for your ticket than you want to be. Be diligent and you should be able to save money without having to compromise your travel.

World most expensive plane tickets are not hard to find, but you must do your homework. Make sure you compare prices from various companies. Also, look for special promotions that may be available. Once you find the deal of a lifetime, you will never want to go anywhere else!