Difference between WiFi Boosters, Repeaters and Extenders

In order to understand the debate that has been taking place about WiFi Boosters vs Repeaters vs Extenders, one needs to understand the working of these devices. WiFi is the WiFi service that is provided free of cost to most of our personal computers. Almost all the WiFi enabled devices have this service built in them. So let us take a look at what happens when one tries to connect to a WiFi without the WiFi Boosters or when one uses the old non WiFi enabled device.

Introduction to Wifi Routers

WiFi routers are what provide WiFi connectivity and they are also known as WiFi repeaters. They work on the principle of creating a link between the WiFi enabled device and the WiFi router. The WiFi repeater also acts as a connector between the WiFi enabled devices and the WiFi router. The main difference between the WiFi repeater and an actual WiFi device is that WiFi repeaters do not have their own radio station. They simply use the same frequency as the main WiFi network and broadcast their signal for everybody else to pick up. But unlike WiFi repeaters, actual WiFi devices do have their own radios and their own signals that they send and receive.

Introduction to Wifi Boosters

WiFi Boosters do not function on the same principle. Their function is to make certain that the WiFi device always have an open channel and do not suffer from any interference. This ensures that one can connect to a WiFi network even if there are other interfering WiFi devices. When one uses the WiFi Boosters, one can easily configure the software to use a particular channel for connection or to prevent interference using the repeater.

Introduction to Wifi Extenders

Ifyou are having some trouble getting a solid and reliable WiFi signal in some or any parts of your home or in garden? A WiFi repeater could be the right solution for you.
A WiFi extender also called as wifi repeater is used to enhance or extend the coverage area of your WiFi signal or network. This WIFI extender works by receiving your existing WiFi signal, amplifying it and then transmitting the boosted signal. With a WiFi extender you can effectively increase the signal coverage area of your WiFi network – reaching all corners of your home, garden or office or at different floors of your apartment and increase extend coverage.

Difference between WIFI Boosters & Wifi Repeaters

But WiFi boosting devices actually differ from WiFi repeaters in a very fundamental way. What happens here is that WiFi repeater just uses the main network configuration to create a channel where other WiFi devices can use. The WiFi Boosters on the other hand actually change the settings to allow any device to connect.

Once this is done, the device will take over the first available channel and ensure that it remains open for all clients. It is so easy to see how such a change can make life easier. One can connect to a WiFi network using a WiFi Boosting Device even if another device has been placed in another part of the house. So long as one’s laptop or smartphone is plugged into a WiFi router, one will be able to access the internet without any hitch.

This is one of the reasons why many people are choosing WiFi repeaters over WiFi Boosters. WiFi repeater simply uses the same frequency as the main wireless network and makes sure that all devices have an open channel where they can use. WiFi Boosters on the other hand use the main network’s frequency to allow only certain devices access to it. Thus ensuring that one’s device always has an open channel where all clients can connect.

Additional Services of WIFI Boosters

WiFi boosting devices also offer some additional services besides open access to the network. These services include automatic network configuration. With automatic network configuration, a device will acquire a specified SSID and automatically connect to a given network. The device may also attempt to connect to a given SSID but it will not connect until one provides the required information. If one is away from the desk, for example, the device can enter a random SSID in order to establish connection.

Such devices can also prevent interference from other computers. Thus one does not have to worry about devices connected to different computers using different radio frequencies. In fact, such devices are now available and widely used by many users.


Its quite common that people get confused when it comes to the WiFi Booster VS WiFi Extender. In fact, WiFi boosters and WiFi extenders are basically the same thing offering one common feature of improving WiFi coverage. There isn’t much of clarity defined difference between both devices that manufacturers describe as “WIFI boosters” and devices described as “ WIFI extenders”.

List of Best & Most Popular VPN Services

One of the best methods to secure what you do online is through use of a VPN service. A VPN basically guards your Internet connection by authenticating all of the information going in and out of your computer, regardless of which sites you visit or what applications you run. It’s an extremely popular method for surfing the web because it enables you to surf the web while keeping your identity secret. However, there are two types of these services, the free ones and the paid ones.

What Is VPN ?

A VPN is a virtual private network extends a private network which allows anyone to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. These VPNs are used to connect to internet and access region-restricted websites andprotect your your browsing activity from hackers or any other person eyeing on public Wi-Fi or Internet.

How Does a VPN Service Help Me?

In very simple terms, a Virtual Private Network connects your desktop or laptop, smartphone, or tablet to any another computer termed as server somewhere on the internet which allows you to browse the websites on internet using that computer’s internet connection whether it may be LAN or WIFi. In other word if that server is in a different country, it will appear as if you are coming from that country, and you can potentially access things that you couldn’t normally do with direct internet.

List of TOP VPN services available in 2022

Let’s talk about Express VPN and Proton VPN first though.

Express VPN

Express VPN is probably the most popular among the paid VPNs because of its wide range of features including port blocking, anonymous surfing and strength encryption among others. With Express VPN, you can make secure video chat connections and use a unique user name & password. You will have a high number of servers to choose from so if you are planning on surfing a large amount of websites then this would be a great choice for you.

Proton VPN

Proton VPN is another great option for you if you need a bit more privacy. Proton offers a high number of servers as well as a very easy set up process. It also offers an application tunneling feature that improves your security even more. It does however, tend to be a bit slower than the Express version so you shouldn’t use it on a laptop.


CyberGhost is another excellent option. It offers a great deal of protection as it works behind the scenes and only allows the connection between you and the cyberghost servers through the secure web browser. Cyber Ghosts offers a very professional interface and also provides you with the tools you need to monitor your bandwidth. NordVpn is another option that provides a great deal of protection and is quite easy to set up.

Hola VPN

Hola is another great alternative. It offers a fully functional browsing experience using the Tor browser and also offers protection against phishing. Hola does however, work with hotspots which means you will have to install an app for that. With both cyberghost or NordVpn, you will need an internet connection that supports streaming. Hola might not be the fastest when it comes to speeds but it definitely has a professional look and is reliable.

If you are going to be using Hola, you will need to install their mobile apps. The app works similarly like the regular mobile web browser. You will download the app from the Hola website and you will need to install it on your smartphone through the app store. Installation is quick and easy and once it’s installed, you can start browsing the internet just like you would normally. NordVpn and cyberghost work exactly the same way as the regular apps so if you like Express VPN, you will like CyberGhost.


Another one of the top picks for the best VPN Service Providers is IPT. IPT offers great protection and is very reliable as well. The most notable difference between the two is that CyberGhost offers free ad blocking whereas IPT uses a fee to add ad blocking to its features. If you want to browse the internet without being bothered by ads, this is the VPN Service Provider for you. Cyber Ghosts offers the same protection that you get with ExpressVpn and that includes the option to use two different IPT servers.

Both Hola and CyberGhost are great options but if you want the most reliable protection, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose CyberGhost. However, if you want to save some money, you can also opt for ExpressVpn as well. Both ExpressVpn and CyberGhost have servers that work great and they both offer some of the most features and protection that you can find from a VPN provider. For a small price, you can still get an excellent VPN that will keep your private data safe and secure.

How Do You Get a VPN, and Which One Should You Choose?

Depending on your needs, you can either use a VPN from your workplace, create a VPN server yourself, or sometimes host one out of your house — but realistically the vast majority of people are just looking for something to protect them while torrenting or help them watch some media online that they can’t seem to access from their country.

The easiest thing to do is simply head to one of these sites, sign up, and download the VPN client for your Windows PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or iPad. It’s as easy as that.

Advantages OF VPN services :

  • VPN’s Bypass geographic restrictions on websites or streaming audio and video.
  • VPN’s help you Watch streaming media like Netflix and Hulu or any OTT streaming APPS.
  • VPNS acts like a shield and will protect yourself from snooping on untrustworthy Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • VPN’s help you gain at least some anonymity online by hiding your true location.
  • VPN’s protect yourself from being logged while torrenting.

Many people these days are using a VPN for torrenting or bypassing geographic restrictions to watch content in a different country. They are still very useful for protecting yourself while working at a coffee shop, but that’s hardly the only use anymore.

All of them have free trials, so you can easily get your money back if you change your mind.

Why you need SmartWatch?

The SmartWatch is one of the hottest commodities on the market today. With its sleek design and ability to do so much, it’s no wonder why this product has become so popular among consumers. Smart Watches are in demand for many reasons, but we have narrowed down our top 13 reasons why a SmartWatch is a necessity!

Technology has become so ingrained in our lives that it’s hard to imagine life without mobile devices. Smartwatches are one way for people to stay connected, but what does this new technology offer? We’ve compiled a list of reasons why you need SmartWatch.

Benefits of Smartwatch

Good for health

A smartwatch is a big companion for human health and fitness journey. You can monitor things like heart rate, sleeping patterns or stress levels with various sensors that come built into many watches nowadays! The best part of owning one? Being able to stay informed on what’s going inside of us at all times – accurate information about our state both mentally & physically will help motivate you no matter where life takes them next . Next time someone asks if they should get themselves some new technology go ahead grab yourself an Apple Watch Series 4 because these babies are really putting out quality products-especially when it comes down t o incorporating wearable tech devices seamlessly within daily routines


Notifications are the main reason you’d buy a smartwatch, and we don’t think anyone should be without them. The ease of having your notifications sent directly to your wrist from any nearby phone or tablet is invaluable – time after all can feel like luxury when life feels hectic! It simplifies our lives in ways both big (not needing an extra device) as well small( saving minutes at work).

Answering calls

Smartwatch also enables the user to attend or decline upcoming calls. Like The Sony Smartwatch 3 enables users to accept and decline calls on the watch itself but activates its speaker or headphones (if plugged in) for conversations. This feature is particularly useful when walking around with your phone not readily accessible- such as while driving and wearing earbuds without a microphone so you can still hear what’s going on around you!


Listening to your favorite tunes on the go is now easier than ever. The Fit Smartwatch has a feature that allows you control what song plays next by simply pressing one button, and this will also allow users pause their listening sessions without having change tracks or turn off playback entirely through tapping gestures!


Smartwatches can be a lifesaver when you’re lost in an unfamiliar city. Smartwatch navigation lets the wearer know when and where to turn next without having any reliance on their phone, which will distract from following directions if it’s nearby or used for other purposes while walking outside with one glowing red light after dark.


The glory days of blindly wandering aimlessly through streets have come to end thanks largely due at least partly because we all carry around tiny devices worth more than our car keys – smartphones! These tech savvy accessories give us so much information just by pressing buttons that would otherwise take hours searching online then printing off maps etc., yet still leave us feeling frustrated

List of Most Popular android Games

Technology these days has gone to different level and there is surge in gaming industry. There are hundreds of companies working on New Games or just updating their existing one. One may find few thousands of Android games on the Google Play Store. Do you think All these are worthy of playing? which android is good enough to play and which one best one? Yes, it seems to be very difficult. Furthermore, it is too frustrating to find a game boring just after you have downloaded it. This is why we have decided to shortlist the most popular and the best Android games.

Here, I choose list of the most popular Android games just based on experience, their number of downloads and positive reviews for the list. Check out the List below:

List of of the best and Most Popular android games:

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular Android Games in the world. It was launched in 2017 and is an amazing game with superb quality. The story of the game revolves around a group of explorers who get stranded on an island. They need to find help to continue their journey but they face many obstacles. To conclude, PUBG Mobile has become one of the most popular games on Android phones. PUBG is another shooter and endurance game where you must be unquestionably the last survivor in a fight with a challenging 100 players.

Most Popular Android Game: PUBG Mobile This game features awesome graphics and real shooting action. This game features intense gun shooting action and real life authenticity. The game features real time multiplayer mode which enables two players to join the game together upto 100. Track down your own weapons and ammunition, use vehicles, and dispose of your rivals on a far off-island. If you play multiplayer mode, you’ll face plenty of frame drops and lagging.


Second in the list is Minecraft. The versatile form of Minecraft brings to your Android gadget the entirety of the accessible assets you can discover in the work area game. Some of the game features include Investigate the universe of Minecraft and its numerous biomes also battle against zombies, skeletons, witches, and numerous other extremely incredible adversaries. isn’t it exciting? You can decide to play without help from anyone else or with up to 10 different players.

Draw Freedom

Battle Royal Game This game is all about winning the war against all enemies. It looks like an old style side-scrolling shoot em up game and also has a good dose of violence. The main hero in this game is named Max, who always gets attacked by unseen terrorists and soldiers. To make himself useful, Max draws weapons and powers from other sources. To win this battle, you must destroy all enemy units and buildings. You can build Max’s mansion and use Max’s tools to destroy the enemies.

Draw Scout Girl

A cool arcade game on pok (keyboard) phone. The game is available for free and you can play it for free. In this fun arcade game, android users are tasked to draw different objects using the mouse. The objects have different categories like animals, cars, insects etc. Some of the categories are so diverse that users may spend several hours trying to figure out which category something belongs to.

Battle Royale

Another one of the most popular android applications is freewares Battle Royale and Get Out Of Here! Players are grouped into groups of five. These groups have a group goal: kill everyone else before they die. The objective is simple but the execution is what makes this game a success. Players are grouped together not because they are all the same type of person but because each player has his own objectives and goals which make this type of game fun.


It’s probably fair to say that the most popular android games right now are the ones that get more than a million downloads within the first week of their release. This is precisely what we are talking about when we talk about two of the most popular clan wars: Daybreak or Clan Wars. In both games, players are required to recruit new members, build shelters, collect food, gold, and weapons in order to keep the enemy away from their base. On each day, there are updates which introduce new challenges and rewards for those who survive long enough to complete them.


In addition to these two, there are many more that have more than a million downloads right now. What’s more, users can find the best apps by simply searching for it using any of the major search engines. For example, if you are looking for free fire games on domain, you simply enter “free fire games” or “play free fire” or any variation thereof and you’ll be displayed a list of relevant sites. You can play as much as you want without spending any money.

What Is a Wifi Booster And How Does It Help Improve My Wireless Signal?

If you are looking for ways of enhancing your Internet connection, one option is to buy a cheap wireless modem and then install a WiFi booster on it. It works by extending your existing wireless connection. The good thing about this wireless connection enhancer is that it has been designed so that it can automatically detect all the local Wi-Fi hotspots. Therefore, when you connect to the Internet with your laptop, you do not have to manually select a hotspot and then proceed to connect.

WiFi boosters Advantages?

WiFi boosters have many advantages and are popular among all kinds of people who want to extend their wireless connections. A WiFi booster is basically a device which helps extend the range of your wireless connection (also known as radio signals). By enhancing your local WiFi coverage, you also get rid of dead zones in your house and enhance your Internet connectivity at the same time.

There are various types of wifi boosters: Wireless repeater, wireless range extenders and wireless bridges. The latter two are the most popular. A wireless bridge is actually a device which allows you to link your laptop with your existing wireless router. To use it, you just need to plug your laptop into the bridge and follow the onscreen instructions. Then, install your desired software programs onto your laptop and set them up. You can use the same software with your router.

1. Wireless repeater

Wireless repeater is the other option available. With the help of this router-based device, you can extend your access range by connecting other devices with the same wireless connection. These devices include mobile phones (that support the Qi technology), cordless Phones and other hand held devices. Most routers do not support this type of wifi boosters.

2. Wireless bridge

Wireless bridge, on the other hand, acts as a wireless booster but the device connects to your laptop and to your existing wifi signal. It is very easy to install compared to repeater. However, this type of booster is only effective for extending your access range to a smaller area. This is mainly because the repeater keeps monitoring your connection status and automatically alters its range to cover the gaps left by other devices.

In most cases, the best thing that you can do is to use the Wifi booster by creating another wireless router. You can connect your laptop to your existing router and use the new SSID for your Wifi Booster. Then, you just configure your computer settings for your Wifi Booster. Use the same SSID for all the devices connected to your new wireless router. Once you have done so, your laptop will automatically use this new access point. In this way, your internet connection will be much more secure.

There are many Wifi Boosters available in the market today. Most of them have the same functions and all of them claim to increase your internet speed. However, when it comes to choosing an ideal Wifi Booster, you should not just rely on what experts say but also try to read product reviews from real customers. The reason why people buy these products in the first place is because they want to boost their internet speed; therefore, it makes sense to buy one that can also improve their speed.

How to choose a Wifi Booster?

When it comes to choosing a Wifi Booster, you also need to consider the type of coverage it has. Usually, these devices work well in areas where signal is strong and where there is minimal interference. However, if you live in a place where WiFi signals are weak or nonexistent, then you might consider buying a separate Wifi booster for your home. You should also check for compatibility and wireless band compatibility when it comes to the type of connection you plan to use. Last but not least, price is also an important factor to consider so make sure to shop around and compare different products before making your final decision.

How Do I Know If I Need A Wi-Fi Booster?

So how do I know it’s time to get a Wi-Fi booster? Here are the main situations which would justify the purchase:

  • When you need more coverage radius. Wi-Fi boosters sit between your router and potential dead zones. These Wi-fi Boosters either amplify or redistribute the existing Wi-Fi signals in order to cover those areas termed as dead zones.
  • Multi-level or sprawling single-level homes will often times need a Wi-Fi booster.
  • Certain areas of your home where the signal is too low. It may not be that you completely lose connection in part of your house. You may have a spotty connection or a slower connection in those distant areas.
  • Get better access outside surroudings of your home. Access to your home from the backyard or garage can sometimes be difficult. This access is made easier by a Wi-Fi booster or extender.


Firstly you need to understand you have to understand whether your internet connection is slow or signals are low. Whether you are trying to boost a very weak Wi-Fi connection or are trying to access the dead zones, extenders work like a charm. its all about Placement and it is key to getting the most of your booster. Ideally, there should be a clear line of sight between the wireless router and the extender. This is the most successful way to boost the reach of your Wi-Fi network at all areas of your home.