Hyderabad: Canada’s Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has revealed a plan to increase the number of international students and foreign workers with extensive work experience for permanent residency in fields where a constant labor shortage. This thing took place after MP Randeep Sarai’s Private Member’s Motion M-44 was approved by the House of Commons in May.

Canada to offer permanent residency in the quickest way possible news
Canada to offer permanent residency in the quickest way possible news

The Justin Trudeau government is likely to focus to generate more avenues to permanent residency possible since temporary foreign workers and international students are very important to Canada’s economy. The foreign workers bring a wide range of skill sets and educational backgrounds and assist in the corporate growth, productivity, and creativity all of which contribute to the economic recovery and growth of Canada. The Minister said, International students, will assist Canada’s workforce to expand, increase productivity and counteract the effect of an ageing population.

The minister aims to assist people in making the transition from temporary to permanent residency by changing the current pathways for the foreign nationals who are working in Canada and looking for sating options, including international student graduates. However, he further said that many existing programs already offer a pathway to permanent residency for temporary foreign workers and international student graduates in Canada.

According to the immigration plan for 2022-24, Canada will have a greater and permanent labor supply to solve the labor market shortages and to support the post-pandemic economic recovery. So this proposal may raise the chances for more temporary employees to convert into permanent residents. Canada will be giving the immigration selection methods under the express entry system more freedom, mainly in order to the points provided for Canadian work experience, education, language ability, and job offers. Also, they will be looking into better ways to move in-demand main workers like doctors, by reducing the hurdles, and improvements in pilot programs will be made to help the agri-food industry and provide in-home care transition to permanent residences.

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