Introduction to VMware AirWatch

VMware AirWatch is a cloud-based enterprise mobility application company based in Atlanta. AirWatch, an affiliate of VMware, offers technologies that assist IT managers to deploy, protect and manage mobile apps, devices and data, and also iOS and Mac devices. It is designed for desktop and laptop use, including the iPhone and iPad. It can be used for business users or for corporate consumers

AirWatch uses a specialized version of the VMware administrator tool, the vhdrsrv interface service, to access a target desktop or laptop. The service has been designed to allow managing the enterprise version of the VMware AirWatch client. It uses the iOS and android native app interfaces to access the target devices.

Features of VMware AirWatch

Many of the features of VMware AirWatch can be utilized on iOS and android devices running on the iOS 5.5 and Jellybean operating systems, but AirWatch can also work on the newer smartphones and tablets such as the Kindle Fire and Shield Android. To enable AirWatch to run properly on these devices one has to configure their settings in the VMware Manager on the device. The app will install a default profile, which enables it to access and use all the available features. The profile settings are managed by a template that is chosen by the device administrator. Once these are customized, an entry for the app can be added to the AirWatch user interface.

A new feature of AirWatch known as the vmxbridge driver allows users to specify which devices will be allowed access company wide. These devices include iPhones and iPads running on the iOS 5.5 operating system and the newer android phones and tablets. The vmxbridge driver will allow all employees who have purchased the VMware CCNA or vmx+ courses to be able to log onto their authorized VMware Sites and access company information. This is a great benefit to IT administrators and other employees with access company information via mobile devices.

Installation and Device Enrollment

If you want to Get signed up for a VMware AirWatch trial demo takes only couple minutes on their website. By Clicking on the Free Trial link launches a sign-up page where you must enter your your details like contact info, which includes a company email address. The whole process also includes a call from an account representative to better understand your requirement.

You have to down the app from playstore if you want to Enrol on an Android device followed by a series of information pages. I suggest you to QR code to skipany typingerror. The final few steps involve approving the installation of the agent and a device-specific app, which takes care of locking and wiping, if necessary and that’s it.

Importance of Mobile device management

Mobile device management is a rapidly growing area of software development as well as a rapidly expanding field of business applications. Businesses are finding more value in the mobile enterprise than they are in accessing enterprise information directly from desktop computers or laptops. This mobile application capability brings together the two worlds into one place. Mobile devices can be managed from anywhere, anytime and from any location. It’s easy to see why this is such a popular trend.

An easy way to begin utilizing the additional functionality provided by VMware AirWatch is to integrate your mobile cloud infrastructure into your company’s existing deployment structure. Your company can benefit from the enhanced security, mobility and desktop management that comes with mobile cloud based apps, while saving costs on hardware and software. This is a win-win situation for your enterprise. You will save money on purchasing new hardware and software licenses, but you will also avoid the additional costs associated with configuring, managing and operating a laptop or desk computer for every possible work situation. This is accomplished through a clever system of business app deployment that is seamlessly integrated into your company’s existing infrastructure.

Corporate companies on Mobile Device Management

For companies that are large or small, there are a wide range of VMware AirWatch deployment options available. These include both stand alone units as well as appliances that can be centrally managed and maintained. Appliances include routers, switches, smart cards, PCnps, and more. There are several different appliance groups that can be customized to manage the use of your company’s network. This is a very flexible option that saves companies a tremendous amount of time and expense while still maintaining a high level of control over mobile device management.

Mobile management encompasses all of the ways that your company assets behave within a virtual environment. With VMware AirWatch and its wide variety of on demand, remote management appliances, you can easily monitor every mobile device in real time, take corrective action, and keep the environment secure at all times. Companies that rely heavily on their digital workspace need to manage every aspect of it remotely. It’s vital to ensure that the company’s resources are properly deployed and that employees can access them quickly and easily from any location. Virtualization is just one way that VMware AirWatch helps to achieve this goal.

Pricing of VMware AirWatch

VMware AirWatch pricing starts at $4.33 per device per month and goes up to $9.33 per device per month for their full-featured cloud offering. On-premises pricing starts at $50 per device per year and goes up to $130 per device per year plus a maintenance fee.


Finally we says gives us what we need . VMware AirWatch surely provides everything you need to get control of your enterprise mobile devices. though the cost of VMware Airwatch is slightly higher than some of the other counter products. With other features available and a clear upgrade path, VMware AirWatc is a product you can start with slowly and then expand as your needs grow in the feature.