What Is a Wifi Booster And How Does It Help Improve My Wireless Signal?

If you are looking for ways of enhancing your Internet connection, one option is to buy a cheap wireless modem and then install a WiFi booster on it. It works by extending your existing wireless connection. The good thing about this wireless connection enhancer is that it has been designed so that it can automatically detect all the local Wi-Fi hotspots. Therefore, when you connect to the Internet with your laptop, you do not have to manually select a hotspot and then proceed to connect.

WiFi boosters Advantages?

WiFi boosters have many advantages and are popular among all kinds of people who want to extend their wireless connections. A WiFi booster is basically a device which helps extend the range of your wireless connection (also known as radio signals). By enhancing your local WiFi coverage, you also get rid of dead zones in your house and enhance your Internet connectivity at the same time.

There are various types of wifi boosters: Wireless repeater, wireless range extenders and wireless bridges. The latter two are the most popular. A wireless bridge is actually a device which allows you to link your laptop with your existing wireless router. To use it, you just need to plug your laptop into the bridge and follow the onscreen instructions. Then, install your desired software programs onto your laptop and set them up. You can use the same software with your router.

1. Wireless repeater

Wireless repeater is the other option available. With the help of this router-based device, you can extend your access range by connecting other devices with the same wireless connection. These devices include mobile phones (that support the Qi technology), cordless Phones and other hand held devices. Most routers do not support this type of wifi boosters.

2. Wireless bridge

Wireless bridge, on the other hand, acts as a wireless booster but the device connects to your laptop and to your existing wifi signal. It is very easy to install compared to repeater. However, this type of booster is only effective for extending your access range to a smaller area. This is mainly because the repeater keeps monitoring your connection status and automatically alters its range to cover the gaps left by other devices.

In most cases, the best thing that you can do is to use the Wifi booster by creating another wireless router. You can connect your laptop to your existing router and use the new SSID for your Wifi Booster. Then, you just configure your computer settings for your Wifi Booster. Use the same SSID for all the devices connected to your new wireless router. Once you have done so, your laptop will automatically use this new access point. In this way, your internet connection will be much more secure.

There are many Wifi Boosters available in the market today. Most of them have the same functions and all of them claim to increase your internet speed. However, when it comes to choosing an ideal Wifi Booster, you should not just rely on what experts say but also try to read product reviews from real customers. The reason why people buy these products in the first place is because they want to boost their internet speed; therefore, it makes sense to buy one that can also improve their speed.

How to choose a Wifi Booster?

When it comes to choosing a Wifi Booster, you also need to consider the type of coverage it has. Usually, these devices work well in areas where signal is strong and where there is minimal interference. However, if you live in a place where WiFi signals are weak or nonexistent, then you might consider buying a separate Wifi booster for your home. You should also check for compatibility and wireless band compatibility when it comes to the type of connection you plan to use. Last but not least, price is also an important factor to consider so make sure to shop around and compare different products before making your final decision.

How Do I Know If I Need A Wi-Fi Booster?

So how do I know it’s time to get a Wi-Fi booster? Here are the main situations which would justify the purchase:

  • When you need more coverage radius. Wi-Fi boosters sit between your router and potential dead zones. These Wi-fi Boosters either amplify or redistribute the existing Wi-Fi signals in order to cover those areas termed as dead zones.
  • Multi-level or sprawling single-level homes will often times need a Wi-Fi booster.
  • Certain areas of your home where the signal is too low. It may not be that you completely lose connection in part of your house. You may have a spotty connection or a slower connection in those distant areas.
  • Get better access outside surroudings of your home. Access to your home from the backyard or garage can sometimes be difficult. This access is made easier by a Wi-Fi booster or extender.


Firstly you need to understand you have to understand whether your internet connection is slow or signals are low. Whether you are trying to boost a very weak Wi-Fi connection or are trying to access the dead zones, extenders work like a charm. its all about Placement and it is key to getting the most of your booster. Ideally, there should be a clear line of sight between the wireless router and the extender. This is the most successful way to boost the reach of your Wi-Fi network at all areas of your home.